Private Hire & rates

Our private hire is open to anyone and is ideal for intimate sessions, boudior photographs, erotic art, and pretty much anything your wildest dreams can imagine. 

The whole club is availble most weekday eventings for private events, classes, pro sessions, fun experinces and more. 

Our rates depend on which area you wish to hire. Our Penthouse suite is two rooms and boasts a range of equpment from suspnesion frame beds, wheels, cages, benches, crosses and more. Our new unit is unfinished, however has a number of rooms availble to host gatherings and more. This space once fully finished will have at least 7 beautiful play rooms, and large social rooms as well as the connection to the penthouse for a total of one large social room, and 10 functional rooms, five toilets, showers, lockers and more.

Rates for the Penthouse start at £40 per hour and £200 per full day hire (typically 8-10 hour). There is surcharges for specialised additional machinery such as the sybian and F-machine.