Based in the heart of merchant city in Glasgow we strive to build a safe kink enviroment which overlaps with swinging. Our road on this path started in 2017 when the Scottish Kink scene was crying out for events due to a lack of space.

This launched Breaking Point, an annual event in Perth attended by 300 kinksters per year. This led to us as event organisers building and collecting equipment to the point where we had too much equipment and no where to put it. 

With the launch of Kudos (now Bacchus) in Dundee we expanded into monthly events there which stopped due to the pandemic. However prior to this the historic Glasgow Dungeon on Sauchiehall Street closed its doors for good in the Autum of 2019. 

Now with one less dungeon and half the events in Scotland wiped out, we opened up The Ecclesia. Unfortunately we timed it just before the pandemic hit and had to wait for covid19 restrictions to pass. We then opened and operated for just over two years before having to relocate to near Hope Street. Since relocating we have been tirelessly at work running the Penthouse, and reovating the new events space. This has meant a lot of work to offer a fantastic space that offers a little something for everyone.