So fantastic news, we are allowed to have full kink events, HOWEVER, we are choosing to keep in place some rules.


  1. Face masks are still required, however in play we will allow for people to remove their mask, but rooms and space will be pre-booked for that to be possible. As such, play time and play space will be private. * please see our cleaning policy for more details on this. *
  2. HEPA filters will be on, active and in use throughout the play spaces, windows will be open in the social space only to minimise noise issues.
  3. People will be requested to wear a badge or lanyard identifying their personal space boundary. Red – always keep 1 meter, Amber – ask if you can be near or less than 1 meter, Green – feel free to be sat next to me or close proximity
  4. On entry hands will be sanitised and temperature check as well.
  5. The event will remain a sober event (no alcohol) to ensure that rules work as they are, our feeling is that pubs have had too many issues with customers forgetting masks when not sober. To ensure the event runs smoothly, short term we are remaining a sober event only.
  6. The new rules of no limits on household numbers, does allow for people to have ‘pick-up play’ however, we strongly recommend against this. Covid is still around and is an issue, if you choose to interact at close proximity please consider your personal risk profile, and the risk profile of the person you are interacting with.
  7. Per usual covid guidelines, any symptoms or contact with a person suspected of having covid must not attend and follow the current guidelines on isolation, testing and safety.
  8. Rooms will have bookings and time limits to ensure that people are allowed fair use and access of space as well as cleaning.
  9. There are specific clothing rules as well see below for details
  10. BRING YOUR OWN TOYS. Due to covid we are not renting, lending or otherwise letting people use our toys. Please bring your own, the equipment/furniture is all available, but for covid safety, we are not lending or displaying the majority of our toys for now.


Clothing rules:

  1. Must arrive dressed in something that will not draw attention to yourselves, the dungeon is discrete, please respect our, and other attendees discretion and arrive sensibly dressed. i.e. not being dragged on a chain etc.
  2. The dungeon shares a hallway with an accounting office, please ensure you have something to wear when traveling between floor 1 and 2. i.e. long coat if naked, or just sensible wear that covers you appropriately.
  3. In social spaces or traversing areas internal areas, please ensure genitals are covered, and when seating, please ensure your bum etc is covered.
  4. Please put effort in, this is not just a social, so fetish wear, dresses, suits, leather, latex, all of it is perfect. No casual clothes, let’s get kinky and make up for lost time!

Cleaning and hygiene

  1. On arrival use the hand sanitiser provided and wash your hands or sanitise at regular intervals. Especially before and after a scene.
  2. Each play space will have surface wipes, condoms, lube and will be thoroughly cleaned before you arrive. At the end of your play session, please have your DM spray your room with a fogger.
  3. When you finish a session, please wipe any contact areas you have used, clean thoroughly and leave the room in the condition it was found in. Seek the DM and they will fog your space.
  4. Once fogged space must be left for 10 minutes before the next party uses it, unless they are of the same household.

Play space booking and rules

  1. Maximum play per room is 40 minutes, 40 minutes of play including wiping down, please wrap up at 35 and use 5 minutes to clean and wipe down, locate the DM and fog the space. Please note we will give a knock at 35 minutes to ensure that people get a fair chance to use the space. Once covid eases further we will relax this further as well.
  2. The littles room will be out of use as a play space, and only be used as an aftercare space.
  3. Each room will have play rules for safety, cleaning and hygiene, such as no fire play, or no water / hard sports. Please read and understand these rules for each space.
  4. No uninvited persons to enter play space due to mask policy, doors follow usual policy.

Please note additional information will be emailed about signing your membership agreement.

Additional notes and rules

Membership agreement must be read and agreed before attendance and signed on arrival for new members.

All attendees must be over the 18. If you are lucky enough (and sexy enough) to look under 25, don’t mind us if we ask for your ID.

All play at the club is undertaken at your own risk and must be consensual. The Ecclesia does not take any responsibility for injuries sustained during scenes at the club.

Normal scene etiquette is required (i.e., Do not interfere with a scene, do not invade scene space, etc). Please keep conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum in the play areas. Do not monopolize the equipment. Do NOT join a scene unless specifically asked to do so!

A good tip- don’t drink and kink! If you can’t drive a car with liquor in you, then you can’t swing a crop! Alcohol changes your perceptions and your accuracy. Anyone who looks to be over inebriated may be asked to cease a scene if safety looks to be compromised.

All scenes must be consensual from both parties. If you wish to carry out a scene that looks non-consensual please have a quiet word with the DMs prior to play. If we do not know then we will halt a scene and call security.

On that note- the DMs word is final. No ifs, buts or maybes. We have everyone’s safety as a priority.

Club safe word is RED. This means the scene is to immediately stop and aftercare provided. Amber is the suggested word for a change of pace, tool or position or a moments breathing space.

Everyone has hard limits (even us!).

For that please check specific space rules to ensure that you adhere to the rules.

If you are observing a scene then keep your distance. We will not apologise or defend you if you walk into someone’s back swing.

DO NOT interrupt as scene. For ANY reason! If you have safety concerns about a scene or person involved in a scene then speak to any DM. It is our responsibility to stop a scene if appropriate.

Clean up after yourselves. We are not your parents. Wipe down equipment once used.

No genitalia on show please. We love a nipple or two and definitely a bum but nothing to the front.


Keep your kinkmates anonymity by avoiding posting about the club on vanilla sites.

Dress code- go large! We love fetish outfits, lingerie, anything out there! Just no jeans, trainers, football shirts etc. Show us how sexy you really are.

Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and we will eject anyone found to be discriminating against anyone else.

Any unwanted advances will not be tolerated. Do not touch if you haven’t been invited to. If you feel unsafe or that someone is pressuring you then speak to a DM or security staff. We will keep you safe.


Last rule- have FUN!!! Our aim is to make The Ecclesia a fantastically inclusive and welcoming kink dungeon for all!


Neither the management, owners, or operators of the event space, nor any agents, successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be held liable to any attendee, or any agents, successors or assigns of that attendee, for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event. Participants by their attendance assume all risks of such attendance.